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How to Use Tag-Out® Year-round Mineral Supplement

When to Apply Tag-Out®

deer-spring.jpgTag-Out should be applied immediately and kept active in order to pattern deer to your Tag-Out holes. With time, more and more deer will find the site and change roaming patterns to accommodate it.

We encourage using trail cameras in conjunction with Tag-Out to document herd growth and Tag-Out hole activity. Tag-Out is a year-round mineral supplement; however deer consume different amounts of Tag-Out during each season of the year. Here are some trends we have found:

  • Early Spring - Tag-Out hole activity by does carrying fawns, and bucks building up mineral reserves needed for new antler growth after their antlers drop
  • Spring - Tag-Out hole activity by lactating does, and by bucks using up mineral reserves growing new antlers.
  • Summer - Tag-Out hole activity by both does and bucks, to aid in several areas including digestion and antler development.
  • Fall - Tag-Out hole activity continues through the fall as deer begin preparing for cold weather.
  • Winter - Tag-Out hole activity continues throughout the winter, however, during the rut doe activity should stay steady, but buck activity may decrease. Tag-Out holes are often used by rutting bucks as a scrape as they look for the does that have frequented the hole.

The minerals in Tag-Out play a significant role in deer body mass and antler size. Deer antlers contain several different minerals; and two of these, calcium and phosphorus, make up approximately 30-35% of total antler weight. The amount of phosphorus in a deer's diet is also directly related to its body size.

Therefore, providing a year round supplement of these important minerals will, over time, help you produce the biggest bucks with trophy racks.